The names Cher, but Beloved works well, too. I'm twenty-one going on thirty something most of the time. I was born in Las Vegas, but I currently live in California. I want to be an author someday, but for now I'm just working on growing up.
and they lived happily ever after,

The door to the Captain’s quarters clicked shut as Emma let her body fall against it. For such a massive ship, it felt overly crowded on the top deck. She had to escape from the sympathetic gazes of her parents, and Regina’s constant pacing.

Gold had retired early, but Emma felt too much to even contemplate sleeping. With a heavy sigh she moved towards the cot in the corner of the room, lost in thought.

He entered so quietly that Emma jumped a little when he spoke, but even though she had escaped here to avoid everyone, she was relieved it was him that had come to find her.

"Are you alright, Swan?" Hook asked awkwardly, glancing around the room with uncertain eyes. He watched Emma brace herself against the wall with her arm, listening as she blew out a long breath.


Dropping his gaze, he took a hesitant step towards her, lost at how to be of any help. “We’ll get him back, Emma.”

It was quiet for a beat, and then she responded, sounding so broken that Hook wasn’t sure how she hadn’t fallen to pieces yet.

"I really hope so, Hook."

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